AirMini™ AutoSet with P10 Mask Pack

AirMini™ AutoSet with P10 Mask Pack

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AirMini™ is the smallest portable CPAP machine on the market at this time. It can be used with the AirFit™ F20, AirFit™ N20, AirFit™ P10 for AirMini™, and the AirTouch™ F20.The AirMini™ app makes it easier to track sleep. The HumidX™ is a waterless humidification system that is built into the hose. The optional premium case and travel case make it easier to carry the mask, hose, and accessories. The AirMini™ can offer CPAP and AutoSet™ for her therapies. 
•    Small design
•    Air Mini™ app
•    HumidX™
•    Easy to Travel
•    Ample amount of accessories

Small Design
The small design of the AirMini™ makes it easier to travel. The machine can easily fit into the premium travel bag or it can be placed into a travel case and carried in a suitcase. 
AirMini™ app
The AirMini App allows for easy controls through the Bluetooth feature on the machine. The app provides many settings to achieve the desired comfort and sleep. The 30 day sleep history can be accessed through the AirMini™ app. The app is compatible with Apple iOS and Android phones, tablets, or mobile devices. The AirMini™ app is not currently available internationally. 
The AirMini™ has a waterless humidification system so that there is no need to have distilled water. The waterless humidification is currently not available with a full face mask. The waterless humidification system is built into the tubing of the AirFit™ N20 and the AirFit P10 masks for the AirMini™. 
There is an AirMini™ AC power supply that compact compared to the regular power supplies. The optional AirMini™ premium travel bag and travel case are not included but are optional. The cases will hold the machine, mask, hose, and any other accessories that are needed. 

This kit includes all the components required to commence your sleep therapy:

  • AirMini AutoSet machine
  • AirMini P10 Set-up kit
  • AirMini app (free download)


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