AirMini™ Mount System

AirMini™ Mount System


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Model:  38842

Manufacturer:  ResMed


AirMini™ Mount System can be attached to a variety of secure locations, like a bedframe, table, or even a airplane seat pocket, and will still securely hold the AirMini™.
•    Mounts securely
•    Holds the AirMini™
Mounting systems
The mount system has 3 different modules. There is a mattress module that can be used to attach the AirMini™ device to the side of the bed between the bedframe and the mattress easily. The Hook module can help to hang the AirMini™ onto places such as a bedrail, bedside table, or the seat pocket on an airplane. To attach an AirMini™ to the wall you would need to use the wall module. 



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