AirTouch™ F20 Full Face CPAP & BiLevel Mask with Plush Headgear

AirTouch™ F20 Full Face CPAP & BiLevel Mask with Plush Headgear


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Manufacturer:  ResMed

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AirTouch F20 is a Full Face CPAP & BiLevel Mask with plush Headgear. This mask is the softest mask that ResMed makes. The softness is due to the UltraSoft Memory Foam cushions. The cushions allow for a more flexible seal that moves with you as you move throughout your sleep. The headgear is comfortable also allows for a better field of vision to allow for watching television and reading a book. 
•    Comfortable frame
•    UltraSoft Memory Foam
•    Comfortable headgear
•    QuietAir elbow

Comfortable frame
The frame is made from flexible material that can move with you while you sleep. The frame is designed to fit each unique facial structure. The frame does not block the field of vision so patients are able to see while watching television or reading a book. The frame reduces the amount of pressure and redness caused from other masks. 

UltraSoft Memory Foam
This UltraSoft Memory Foam is the softest cushion made by ResMed. It is lightweight and comfortable to fit around your face. The memory foam contours to fit every indention of the face, hoping to achieve the best seal possible. These cushions are softer than the standard silicone cushions that usually come with other masks. To clean the cushion you should not use soap and water, rather (because of the memory foam) a CPAP mask cleaning wipe. The cushions come in Small, Medium, and Large. 

The headgear is made of plush material that helps achieve comfort. The fabric straps should be worn a little looser to accommodate the cushion. There are magnetic clips that are attached to the sides that just snap into place easily. 

QuietAir Elbow
The elbow on the AirTouch F20 helps to keep the air that is coming in and out of the mask quieter. This allows you to enjoy your sleep without having to worry about the noise from the elbow. There is a quick release squeeze tab on the front of the mask that allows the elbow to easily disconnect from the mask. This elbow also can be rotated 360 degrees giving you more movement freedom during sleep. 


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