CPAP Tube Cleaning Wand Starter Pack with Pads

CPAP Tube Cleaning Wand Starter Pack with Pads

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Model:  AG-CLN-WA

Manufacturer:  AG Industries

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Tube Cleaning Wand with Cleaning Pads is used to help keep your standard diameter 22mm CPAP hose. The cleaning pads are a one time use product and should be disposed of after one use.  The wand comes in 3 sections that are easy to assemble. The cleaning pads come in a supply that lasts 7 days. Additional cleaning pads can be purchased by themselves without having to buy the bundle. 
•    Designed for 22mm tubing
•    Wand comes in 3 sections
•    Easy to clean
•    One time use pads
•    40 inches long

How to use
Snap together the 3 sections of the wand. Insert a cleaning pad over the tapered end of the wand and be sure that the pad is moist for optimal use. Disconnect either your CPAP or BiPAP hose from the mask and the machine. Insert the wand into either side of the tube then slide the wand back and forth down the full length of the tube. Make sure to clean both ends of the tube. Dispose of the cleaning pad after use. You can easily take apart the wand for easy storage or travel. 


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