CPAPMax Pillow 2.0 CPAP Bed Pillow

CPAPMax Pillow 2.0 CPAP Bed Pillow

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Model:  15-551R

Manufacturer:  Contour

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CPAPMax Pillow 2.0 CPAP Bed Pillow takes away the pressure experienced while using other pillows with CPAP mask and hoses. The pillow has 2 side cutouts that help to alleviate the pressure. 
•    2 side cutouts
•    2 different sleeping surfaces
•    Adjustable comfort design
•    3 layers of removable foam
Side cutouts
The side cutouts allow for more movement throughout the night without having to worry about whether the mask is slipping or shifting. The side cutouts help to reduce the pressure of a mask that can come from using a regular pillow. 
2 different sleeping surfaces
The CPAP pillow has ventilated foam that helps with the air circulation which creates a cooler night’s rest. There are 2 sides to the pillow that offer different features depending on what is desired. There is a 3D Mesh Memory Foam side that using memory foam to make a more comfortable sleeping experience. The other side is closer to a more traditional pillow style. To get to either side of the pillow just simply flip the pillow over for your desired sleeping surface. 
3 layers of removable foam
3 Layers of Foam that are removable allows for the best support. The first layer is memory foam that allows the pillow to mold to your unique face shape. A middle layer is there to provide added support to the head. The 3rd layer is Charcoal infused and is intended to help to eliminate odor to keep the pillow smelling fresh 
Other Features 
There is a concave shape to the pillow which allows for the head to fit comfortably on the pillow. There is also support for your shoulders and face to allow the mask and hose to sit on the pillow without creating leaks or discomfort. There is an extended hose tether lets a hose sit and move without having a pull on the mask or hose. 

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