DreamStation Humidifier

DreamStation Humidifier


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Model:  DSXH

Manufacturer:  Philips Respironics

DreamStation Humidifier connects directly to a DreamStation series machine. The humidifier is easy to use with the DreamStation machines. There can be a heated tube that helps to warm the air in the tube as it flows to the mask. The humidifier and the DreamStation working together will make for a better humidified air flow and it will reduce the potential for rainout and protecting the machine from water damage. 
•    Easy humidification
•    2 modes to use
•    DryBox Technology
The DreamStation Humidifier works on 5 levels of humidification. You can find the optimal humidity level that best fits you. Finding your humidity level will help you get a good nights rest and help you wake up feeling refreshed and recharged. If you do not want to use the humidifier you can just turn the humidifier number down to “0”.
2 Modes
There are 2 modes for the humidifier. There is the adaptive mode that uses the heat plate temperature to adapt to the conditions around you. This mode helps to prevent condensation from building up in the tube and making it uncomfortable. The second mode is fixed in where there is a constant level of heat that is on the humidifier plate and does not fluctuate with your surrounding conditions. 
The DryBox feature allows water to be held in the humidifier and away from the machine so it does not get damaged. This technology is a Respironics technology. The water can not exit the humidifier and go into the machine because there is a one way valve that is located near the air outlet port that prevents damage.  

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