Pur-Sleep VaporClear Aromatherapy Fragrance Stater Kit

Pur-Sleep VaporClear Aromatherapy Fragrance Stater Kit


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Model:  CAP5001

Manufacturer:  Pur-Sleep

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The CPAP Aromatherapy Starter Kit by Pur-Sleep uses 100% pure essential oil with the diffusion pads to be used with a CPAP machine. To use you just take a diffuser pad and put a few drops of essential oil on it and put it in front of the CPAP filter then use the machine as normally. The diffuser with oil will create a light scent in the air and helps to improve your mood. The kit can work with many different kinds of essential oils even more than one at a time. 

•    Easy to use
•    Promotes relaxation

Promotes Relaxation

Using the sense of smell, the Aromatherapy works to improve the emotional feelings and increase the feelings of calm, comfort, and relaxation. The aromatherapy is used to help with the physical and emotional effect that CPAP therapy can have on a person. The aromatherapy helps to improve negative things that come from using a CPAP machine such as feelings of claustrophobia, or bad smells. Even putting distilled water in the humidifier may not work for you either. If you experience these negative occurrences then looking into the CPAP Aromatherapy Starter Kit by Pur-Sleep might be a good thing to look into getting. 

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