Safety Alert: CPAP Masks with Magnets

ResMed's CPAP masks with magnets have an urgent field safety notice due to potential interference with certain medical devices or implants.

The company says in the notice that it is updating the contraindications and warnings in its user guides to instruct patients on the safe use of masks with magnets “in response to new information from latest industry practices and global safety data.”

Magnets are used in some ResMed masks to provide a simple and easy way for patients to attach and detach the headgear to the mask frame when regularly fitting the mask for use. This can be notably beneficial to patients with disabilities, including those facing dexterity or vision impairment. 

The following ResMed masks contain magnets and are affected: 

  • Full face masks:
    • AirFit F20
    • AirFit F20 for Her 
    • AirTouch F20
    • AirTouch F20 for Her 
    • AirFit F30 
    • AirFit F30i 
  • Nasal masks:
    • AirFit N10
    • AirFit N10 for Her 
    • AirFit N20
    • AirFit N20 for Her 
    • AirTouch N20
    • AirTouch N20 for Her 
  • Non-vented mask:
    • AirFit F20 NV