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SleepRes V-Com CPAP Comfort Accessory

SleepRes V-Com CPAP Comfort Accessory


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The SleepRes V-Com CPAP Comfort Accessory is a remarkable innovation designed to enhance the comfort and ease of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy. Here are the key features and benefits of this accessory:

1. Inspiratory Comfort Enhancement:
   - The V-Com is strategically placed between your CPAP mask and hose.
   - It softens the flow of pressurized air during inhalation, making it more comfortable for you.
   - Importantly, it maintains air pressure during exhalation, ensuring effective therapy.

2. Revolutionary Design**:
   - The V-Com is changing the CPAP game altogether.
   - Reducing inspiratory pressure and flow minimizes the discomfort often associated with breathing in pressurized air.
   - As a result, CPAP users find it easier to adjust to therapy and improve compliance rates.

3. Customizable Pressure Levels:
   - The V-Com offers different pressure settings:
     - 0.3 cm Water at 20 LPM
     - 0.6 cm Water at 30 LPM
     - 1.1 cm Water at 40 LPM
     - 1.7 cm Water at 50 LPM

4. Universal Compatibility:
   - Compatible with most CPAP machines and masks, the V-Com fits seamlessly into your existing setup.
   - Whether you use a ResMed, Philips Respironics, or other brands CPAP device, this accessory works effectively.

5. Antimicrobial Properties:
   - Rigorously tested and certified, the V-Com meets ISO 22196 standards.
   - You can trust its quality and safety during your CPAP therapy.

6. Travel-Friendly:
   - The compact design makes it ideal for travel, ensuring a clean and hygienic CPAP experience wherever you go.

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